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We understand that not one size fits all when solving financial issues.  This is why we have several simple ways to offer financial help to our clients including:

Whether you need us to help you with a one-time brief situation or a long term solution, we can help you.

Hourly Consulting

We know that things in life happen in cycles.  The level of help that you need today may not be the same level that you need tomorrow.

We are able to work with you on an as-needed basis for some situations.  So whether you want us to provide a full solution or just consult with you to fill-in the missing pieces of what you are doing, we can help.

Project Based Consulting

Some financial solutions are best delivered from a project-based approach.  One example of this is bookkeeping maintenance that recurs on a monthly basis.

Let us work with you to identify the best way to help you resolve your financial issue.


Some services require a performance-based approach.  An example of this can be commercial loan brokering when we help a small business get access to commercial funding such as an SBA Loan.

The success-fee consulting approach enables you to rest assured that if we don’t deliver, then you don’t pay!

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