When are Taxes due?

Carlos Padron, Finance, Dallas, TX

12 September 2018

It is extremely crucial to know when your taxes are due especially if you haven’t done so yet. Not knowing tax deadline dates can hurt you financially and your options may be very limited if you don’t take proactive action. Here are some helpful hints on Tax dates and important helpful information.

Tax returns will always be due on April 15.
If the date happens to fall on the weekend or on a holiday then the date gets moved to the next business day.
Before anything, in order to file a tax return, you will be required to have a social security number. If you happen to not have a social security number, you can apply to qualify for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). An ITIN is issued if you aren’t able to qualify for social security.

To be able to qualify for a ITIN you must have the following:

– Have a filing requirement
– Have valid Federal Tax

If you have neither of these, you cannot qualify to receive an ITIN.

Always remember to keep adequate records of all your income and expenses

Taxes can be paid in numerous ways depending on your filing status:

+ Individual tax Payer – If you are an individual taxpayer, you have 2 options:

– cash
– Check – if you do plan to make a check, make sure to include identifying information to your return and the 1st s.s. used on the return

+ Non business tax payer –
If you are a taxpayer that doesn’t own a business here are your options:

-Free online direct pay – this can be found on and it say “IRS DIRECT PAY”

Note; Any payments paid by mail will require the taxpayer to fill out FORM 1040 -V -Payment Voucher to attach with your check

It is very important to know all there is about taxes and how it can benefit everyone with major tax cuts and benefits if used correctly. Failing to do so can lead to future problematic penalties that don’t want to be avoided.

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